Electrical Safety Tips

Below is a home checklist you can do to look for electrical hazards. You can repair the problem by following the advice in the “TO DO” column.

What to Look For

What to Do

Over-loaded outlets and circuits

Unplug all items on the circuit, untangle wires and make use of other outlets in the room. See if circuit breaker will reset. Call a licensed electrician to repair further, or if you need additional electrical outlets or circuits installed.

Old electrical wiring and/or main panel

Have a certified electrician inspect for deterioration, safety/fire hazards & code violations.

Electric cords exposed to foot traffic or running under rugs or furniture

Electric cords should not be walked on or placed under rugs or heavy furniture. Call a Licensed electrician to install additional outlets.

Electric Heaters placed close to flammable items

Place electric heaters on a level non-flammable surface if possible and at least four (4) feet away from flammable items.

Appliances used near water without a ground fault protection

To prevent electric shock hire a licensed electrician to install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in your bathroom or kitchen where appliances are used near water.

Equipment or major Appliance trips the circuit breaker

Usually the culprit is the appliance (unless it’s new). Call equipment/appliance repairman 1st.

For more safety tips log on to www.pepco.com
or the Electrical Safety Foundation International at http://www.esfi.org.