Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation in Rockville and Bethesda, MD

With the steady increase in gas prices and the focus on green energy, electric and hybrid vehicles continue to grow in popularity. The demand for home and workplace EV Charging Stations is also growing. Trunnell Electric has the experience when it comes to wiring and installing a charging station in your home or business. The Trunnell team has successfully installed numerous stations in communities around the DC area.

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Did you know electric vehicles have actually been around for over 180 years? Though the inventor of the first EV is uncertain, they have been traced back as early as 1828 when Hungarian Anyos Jedlik made a model car that was propelled by a small electric engine.

A Level II Charging Station will cut your EV charging time effectively in half. That’s from 12-13 hours down to 4-6. Your time is valuable, so get back on the road that much faster! Trunnell Electric has the experience when it comes to wiring and installing a Level II charging station in your home or business. We have numerous installations in place already in the community. If you’re considering an EV check the National Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) website for valuable info at www.electrical-safety.org

Certain smart chargers come equipped with intelligent and cost-saving features, enabling you to charge your EV quickly and easily. For example, these Charging Stations can communicate directly with Pepco or your local utility provider to determine when power rates are lowest, and provides you with the ability to program your charging around these times.