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Going green not only helps our environment, but will also save you $$.

If you’ve been considering ways to be a good steward of our limited resources, there’s no better place to start than your own home. Here are some things you can do to save energy and money:

Replace incandescent bulbs with LED

LED’s consume at least 80% less energy than comparable incandescent lamps, and last 30-50 times longer. Costs have come down, color now mimics incandescent, they’re dimmable and the choices have improved. Plus, new technology in certain LED bulbs will allow them to be controlled by your smart phone thru Bluetooth and WiFi.

Install a wall timer for the front porch and/or outside garage light

Come home to a house with the lights already on. New technology digital timers can be programmed to turn on and off when you want and will self adjust to sunrise sunset and daylight savings time. You’ll no longer forget to turn off the lights!

Still favor available incandescent/halogen bulbs? Then Install dimmers

Dimming your lights just 25% saves 20% in energy and extends bulb life. In fact, incandescent bulbs will last 20 times longer if dimmed by 50%. Of course the added ambiance benefit doesn’t hurt either!

Install outlet gaskets

Feel the cold air rushing in thru the wall around your outlets on exterior walls? Remove each wall plate and install a foam gasket (available at hardware stores) and put the plate back on. Helps reduce drafts as well as heating/cooling costs.

Install an Attic Exhaust Fan

A correctly installed attic fan dramatically lowers the temperature inside your attic (and the rooms below) by creating positive airflow — blowing out excess hot air and drawing in cooler outside air. Proper attic ventilation is crucial in avoiding wood rot, mildew and peeling exterior paint, in addition to roofing deterioration and energy loss. See the image below or click on the link for more information

Attic Exhaust Fan Illustration

Trunnell Electric stands ready to advise and assist you in electrical energy savings for your home.